Business Technology Solutions Boca Raton

Computer Doctors provides many businesses with on-site computer repair and training, as well as remote diagnostic, repair, and training services.

Business Technology Solutions Boca Raton, Palm beach and Broward Counties

We offer service contracts to businesses in Palm Beach and Broward Counties and have built and maintained many long-term relationships with our business clients. We are fully equipped to handle the technology needs of a business environment. Our specialists are experts in both networking solutions for small businesses and large ones. We keep up with the latest developments in technology, and we can easily link all your devices seamlessly into your business network to help you increase your efficiency and productivity. Better yet, we can work with your IT department to empower computer networking solutions to keep your business running at peak efficiency.

We have enjoyed offering a variety of small and large business solutions to our clients. Our networking solution providers helped some clients with Point of Sale installations and performed many equipment upgrades and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) improvements for their web-based services.

We also offer on-site and remote training, consistent with the sage advice that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Even if you don’t have current issues with your equipment but would like the peace of mind that comes with knowing how to operate and maintain that equipment yourself, we can help. Our expert trainers can provide personalized services to you on-site or remotely, whether you are at work, home, or Starbucks! We have taught many clients how to use various types of applications like Microsoft Office. Other clients have enjoyed learning about their operating systems: whether Windows, Mac or Linux. Some have wanted to learn more about specific programming languages like Java or Visual Basic.

When you need help with any small or large business technology needs:



Why Choose Us

There are many valid reasons why you should choose us to take care of your valuable device

Experienced Professionals
We pride ourselves on being a professional computer repair facility
Expert Technical Skills
Our technical experts will get you honest, reliable and professional help
Trustworthy See Reviews
Our business has been built on trust and customer satisfaction
Friendly Service
Most of the services below are repaired within hours, and in most cases same day!
Excellent Reputation
We have built our reputation on the attention to details and our loyal service to our customers
Affordable Diagnosis
We will diagnose your issues, provide you with options.

Our Testimonials

There are many valid reasons why you should choose us to take care of your valuable device

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