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Comprehensive and Total Computer Repair, Care, and Training

Our experts will rapidly diagnose the source of the problem. For all makes and models they have the knowledge and equipment to find out what’s wrong with your equipment. Whether it’s a problem with the physical equipment (hardware), or with the software, or both, they have the resources to repair, replace and recover data from any components that are malfunctioning. Yes, many times they can recover whatever remains of your work.

If your equipment is running slowly, our experts clean up and streamline its operations. It may be that an upgrade is needed. Maybe newer software is needed, or your equipment may need more memory or a larger hard drive to keep pace with the ever-increasing demands of modern software. When these demands grow large enough, sometimes the equipment needs to be replaced entirely. It has been our great pleasure to install new software and many new machines and networks (both wireless and wired) for our long-term clients.

We build lasting relationships with our clients, because we are honest and reliable. Sometimes the hardware and software are working properly, but the problem is user error or lack of technical knowledge. We offer ongoing service contracts to all our clients, whether business or residential, and train and tutor many of them so they don’t need our help as often in the future. Both our training and tutoring cover not only how to operate and care for equipment, but also how to protect that equipment, and the valuable information stored on it.

Our specialists are experts in making sure our client’s equipment remains free of viruses, spyware, and malware. We have set up many firewalls and helped our clients choose the best software to keep their valuable information safe and secure as they navigate the internet.

We began our business dealing mainly with computers, but have kept current with new developments in Mobile technology (smart phones, tablets, etc.) We offer all the services described above for these devices as well. One of our clients had a problem with his TV recently, which we quickly solved for him.

In recent years we have been able to provide repairs and service to our clients remotely over the internet, without having to physically go to their location. They love this because usually the problem gets fixed faster and they can get back to their work (or play) sooner. We offer this service only to clients in the United States.

When you have issues with your equipment at home or work, want to upgrade that equipment, increase your web footprint, or just get some personalized computer training:


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