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Computer Doctors has become a well-established, reputable, and reliable computer repair and training provider in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

For over 18 years, we have provided excellent computer repair and training services in Palm Beach and Broward counties. We have developed and maintained lasting relationships with many of our clients, receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews on Google, in two sets of reviews: Google 1 and Google 2. We also have an “A” rating on Angie’s List (you’ll have to either sign in or sign up for a free account or enter “________” for the username and “___________” for the password before Angie’s List takes you to our listing when you click this link).

We are committed to delivering prompt, professional, and reliable solutions to our clients. Our staff has a passion for technology and for communicating well with each other and with our clients.

My name is Daren Ripp, and I am the founder and owner of Computer Doctors. Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by technology. Whenever someone I knew had a tech problem, they would come to me for help. One of my friends noticed that my initials were D.R., so he made a joke one day when his computer broke down, saying “QUICK, CALL THE DOCTOR!” Yes, the nickname stuck, and my friends kept urging me to open my own computer repair business. I finally took their advice in 2001 and have enjoyed serving thousands of clients in Palm Beach and Broward counties ever since.

As time passed, business picked up and there were more calls than one person could handle in a reasonable time, so I hired Daniel Mercado, my senior Computer Specialist. He has been with me since almost the beginning, and our clients just love him. He communicates with them so well and goes the extra mile every time. He and I share the same love for what we do and have become great friends over the years.

As our name became known, business picked up even more, and I brought Deanna Astuto on board. She is one of the best communicators I have ever met and has a love for technology equal to my own. She has done an outstanding job serving many of our clients and handling much of our in-house and web work.

As we became even more well known and trusted in the community, many businesses reached out to us and became our clients. To make sure our response time stayed as short as possible, I hired Luis Beltran. He has been with us for many years and has that same passion for helping people find solutions for their technology needs. When he is not at work, he spends much of his free time studying the latest advancements in the technology world.

Our specialists at Computer Doctors have both A+ and MCSE Certifications. They have passed very rigorous tests to prove that they have the expertise and are qualified to provide expert solutions to our clients.

Now you know why we say that when your equipment needs some expert attention: “QUICK, CALL THE DOCTOR!”

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